• Day 3 & 4: Music That Bends The Rules!

    Posted on April 20, 2017

    Music has been seen as one of the purest forms of self-expression, something that should be boundless and fluid. Unfortunately, us humans often have the need to categorize, organize and define all things, including music. For some, this can be constricting, but the following two artists Del Suelo and Call Me Mildy have decided to float above the constraints and reconnect to what music is truly about!

    Del Suelo, is a solo artist that has combined two of his greatest passions, writing and music. In 2016, he released I Am Free, which In 2016 he released a 10 chapter/10 song combination project titled I Am Free which fuses a written narrative, with a complimentary soundtrack.  The music comes straight from his soul and
    mixes rock, pop, funk, punk, jazz and anything else that conveys the intended emotion. Del Suelo will performance on Saturday afternoon and it is bound to an unforgettable experience.  

    “Trouble was my middle name,” an iconic line from Regina band Call Me Mildy. Now this is my kind of trouble; a bluesy cry from a harmonica, electric hum of a 8-string guitar, deep rumbling drums, driving bass and lyrics that are sure to make you sit back in your seat and get lost in the moment. Since 2013 Greg Mildenberger (Mildy), Dale Thomas, Roland Schulz and Phil Nordin have been bringing this fresh and distinctive music to Saskatchewan and will be joining the AFU lineup this year!