• Can you handle the heat?

    Posted on July 3, 2018

    Be attracted to the flame and we shall entertain… enjoy a captivating performance art with visual stimulation provided to you with Arcana & SPINJA. Be enlightened and distracted through a unique, hypnotising, visual art experience! Animated circus and Flow Art entertainment is whimsical, ambient, and innovative, with multi-level movement methods to hypnotize and captivate audiences of every age.

    Considering flame is one of the greatest spiritual tools on the planet, this whimsical movement incorporates the element of fire with the art of dance to undoubtedly enlighten and inspire.

    We are pleased to announce that 2018 brings new props and entertainment to level-up

    ‘Spinja’ Stratton

    We be attracted to the flame so I shall entertain ~ enjoy the adventure into the Flow Art movement (with the baseline of Poi). SPINJA supports the importance of performance arts culture to inspire and spark imaginations of all genres (i.e. community). Be hypnotized through the use of light, geometric patterns, movement and circus. SPINJA brings a creative dance background and the gift of amusement to endorse Flow Arts benefits to encourage wellness, diversity, science, creation, dexterity, personal development & expression through multi-prop manipulation; Flow Arts improves mental and spiritual well-being with measurable physical results.

    Check her out on Facebook: SPINJA

    Alyssa ‘Arcana’

    Happiest with a circle in each hand; self-taught circus fanatic, Alyssa Arcana exercises cool confidence, spinning a sensual web of mystery and playfulness wherever she goes.

    Specializing in hoops, poi, plates and fans be it LED or flame effects!

    Whether busking on downtown avenues or dancing atop stacks of booming speakers her flexibility and whimsical grace make her a captivating act to encounter.

    Check her out on Facebook: Alyssa