• 10 Days of Artist Announcements: Day 1

    Posted on April 17, 2017

    Take Me Back To The Highlands

    I have personally sat in the iconic Red Shoe Pub in the quaint town of Mabou on Cape Breton Island, stomping my foot to an impromptu Ceilidh. The three artists sat in the corner, one with a guitar, one with a fiddle and one with a drum. The youngest looked to be about 12 and the oldest pushing 60. A holler from the crowd would ensue whenever the music would start to speed up and often a lady would jump into the small floor space and start doing a jig.

    It is these images that came back to me when I listened to the incredible music of our newest Artist Announcement: West of Mabou.

    The band is comprised of 5 Saskatchewan artists, Scott Benson (fiddle), Roberta Wallace (fiddle), Alex Rasmussen (pipes/whistles), Justin Easton (guitar), and Jared Dormer (drums).

    As true to their name sake, they may be thousands of kilometers west of the town of Mabou, but their music will transport you to the top of the highlands, to a small downtown pub roaring with Celtic music on a Wednesday night or a kitchen party on the hillside with the Atlantic Ocean thrashing out the beat!